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nikon eclipse 80i


 Microscopio ottico da ricerca per campo chiaro, contrasto interferenziale e fluorescenza (DAPI, FITC e TRITC, sbarramento selettivo) equipaggiato con camera digitale Nikon DS-5Mc.
Software Lucia incluso.

Specifiche => Eclipse90i-80i.pdf

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Sympatec QUIXEL
Dispersion for laser diffraction
of suspensions and emulsions 0.1 µm - 3500 µm

 Its innovative, tubeless design enables very fast measuring cycles. Even high density particles such as 3 mm ball bearing beads made from stainless steel are safely transported in water through the flow through cell without the need for using special liquids of high viscosity. The wet dispersion process is supported by a built-in ultrasonication unit, which is adjustable by software from 0 to 60 W in 1% steps.
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Coulter Counter IIe multisizer for particle number counting and particle size distribution analysis

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Particle Sizing Systems Nicomp 380/ZLS Zeta Potential Analyzer with Software 1 1000,00


Spettometro a fluorescenza raggi X PANalytical PW 2404


PHILLIPS (now, PANAlytical, The Spectris Technology, The Netherlands)
X-Ray tube with Rh target.
X-ray generator : 4 KW with 60 KV, 125 mA (in steps). The generator is solid state based on 'Switch Mode Power Supply' design to respond fast the changes sought in X - Ray
tube power.
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Conduttivimetro SevenMulti™ S70

Conductivity meter of the super class Professional measurement * Linear & non-linear temperature correction * Selectable reference temperature (20°C - 25°C) * Procedure for automatic α- coefficient determination

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Rugosimetro Hommelwerke T2000
The Hommelwerke T2000 profilometer is a highly modern roughness measuring device used for universal measurement of surface roughness in conjunction with a transverse unit (LV-50). Combined with the P2000 documentation unit enables logging of measured results and date alphanumerically and graphically.

Applications: Typically used for measuring surface roughness on machined surfaces such as flat lapping reaming, grinding, horizontal and vertical milling and turning. Technical Specification:     Workpeice size - Application specific     Transverse Unit Range (LV-50) - 60mm     Transverse Unit Accuracy - Guide accuracy 0.2 µm/60 mm     Probe set - TKE 100/17
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microscopio zeiss 

Bellissimo microscopio con telecamera ad alta risoluzione
completo di ottiche come da foto, PC e monitor.
Ha la funzione di microdensitometro.

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